If you have a question that you would like the film contributors to answer, email us. Here is what we have received so far. Answers will be posted after the summer (apologies for delay).

• How did you get involved in the film?
• How does it compare with other work that you have done ?
• Are there things that have surprised you?
• What did you find easier/more difficult than expected?
• What did you enjoy the most?
• How did you decide on the music?
• Why are some of the sequences in black and white rather colour?
• How many nights did you have to stay up before you decided you had enough material?
• Was it cruel to introduce a cat? What happened?
• Do you ever get to recognise individuals when you work with groups of rats, and are there some that "stick out" from the crowd because of their behaviour?
• Both hooded and white rats were released, but mainly white rats seem to be involved in the mating. Why is that?
• Are there "group leaders" ?
• Did you notice any deaths or diseased animals in the 6 months of filming?
• Did the rats become appreciably wilder?
Did you supply extra food?
• Do you think that they would have survived if you had released them in the wild?