The film is currently in English. Yet both wild and domestic rats are thriving throughout the planet. It seems fitting that the film and this web site should pay tribute to this global success by being available with subtitles in many languages. The aim is to produce a multilingual DVD. See below for current translations.

If you are fluent in a language other than English, would you be willing to help translate the commentary (about 3000 words) and perhaps the home page of the web site ( 400 words)?

I envisage that this will best be done by a team of two: one carrying out the brunt of the translation (the "main" translator) and one helping out/checking (the "support" translator). At least one member of each pair should have an adequate biological background (animal behaviour preferred, but not essential). If a language has already 2 people allocated to it, feel free to volunteer nevertheless: several helpers may be needed, and someone may drop out...

As this is a nonprofit project, there is no budget for this, and it is unlikely that you will be paid. You will however be acknowledged on the web site & the DVD (unless you request otherwise) and you will each receive a complimentary DVD copy of the result.

If you are interested, email

Kind regards,
B. (2003).

Multilingual efforts so far... with thanks! (Last updated September 06)

Film Translations Completed
"Main" Translator
"Support" Translator(s)
Deutsch (German)
Eva Waiblinger
Thomas Tscheulin & Dennis Zarniko
Español.... (Spanish) C. Bonacic R. Hargreaves
Nederlands (Dutch)
Margot Meijer
Vera Baumans & Katja van Driel
Português (Portuguese) Olivia Marchi Diana Azevedo & Joana Marques
Svenska (Swedish) Kristina Axe Anna Olsson

Translations in progress
"Main" Translator
"Support" Translator(s)
J. Cassaing and P. Lafenetre (biologists)
M. Berdoy (biologist)
N. Yamaguchi (biologist)
M Domae (biologist)
L. Vesik
(Biologist volunteer needed please)
9 Serbian S. Banjanin (biologist) M. Vujovic

10 Russian O. Lazareva (Biologist volunteer needed please)
11 Chinese Youming Zhang (biologist)
Yun Zhang (biologist)
12 Danish B. Damm (biologist) H. Halkær Kristensen (biologist) + Mette Giersing, (biologist)
13 Hungarian Zsuzsa Németh (Biologist volunteer needed please)
14 Italian Marco Ferrari (biologist) (volunteer needed please)
15 Finnish Marianna Alanen (The translation has already been completed by Marianna but a Biologist volunteer is needed to go through it please)

See above if you would like to contribute. Many important languages are not completed yet...